There will be a public hearing Monday, September 9 in the Missoula City Council chambers to discuss the Union Gospel Mission's request to move from Toole Avenue to a storefront building on West Broadway.

Ward 6 Councilman Ed Childers said on Friday, September 6, that he understands the concern by many in the West Broadway neighborhood, about the Poverello Center and the Union Gospel Mission potentially being just a few blocks apart.

"All the people that are concerned about having the gospel mission there in addition to the Poverello Center certainly have reason to be concerned," Childers said. "I'm not in favor of the government doing retroactive laws, and I can't see myself voting to do this if that stays in there."

Executive Director of the Union Gospel Mission, Candace Day, said in an August 28 interview on KGVO Radio, that permits for the mission had already been granted in May.

"We already have permits in place," Day said. "One of the things we want to address is the fact that the city has proposed to backdate a land-use ordinance regarding soup kitchens and homeless shelters.”

Childers said that the issuing of retroactive conditional use permits is of concern to many council members.

"It's interesting," Childers said. "I've heard people say they're concerned about doing retroactive ordinances, but they haven't said they're concerned enough not to do it, so we'll see where it goes, I guess."

The public hearing will be held Monday, September 9 at 7 p.m. in the Missoula City Council chambers at 140 West Pine.

Ward Six City Councilor Ed Childers: