At the Missoula City Council Meeting on Monday, September 26, a final vote will be taken on a controversial gun registration ordinance, and one city councilor is encouraging public involvement. 

Ward Two's Harlan Wells appeared on KGVO's Montana Morning News on Thursday with an update on the ordinance.

"I just wanted people out there who are strong Second Amendment supporters to know that the 'Moms Demand Action'

group is very active and has been flooding city council emails with literally hundreds of messages, asking us to vote 'yes' on that gun ordinance," Wells said. "Ironically, they're all the exact same message, a form letter, and at least half are from outside Missoula."

Wells said the impact is still high on certain council members sympathetic to passage of the ordinance.

"So, I can't stress enough, that if you are against this gun ordinance, please send an email," he said. "And I remind listeners that this is about more than just gun sales, it would also make it illegal for you to lend a gun to a good friend or a roommate or a neighbor. They need to contact city council, or show up Monday night at 7 o'clock to speak their minds.

Wells said the public meeting and the final city council vote will be at Monday night's city council meeting in the city council chambers.

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