Submittable, a globally-recognized submission management platform in Missoula, was recently chosen to receive a statewide Employers Choice Award from the Montana department of Labor and Industry.

‘Head of People’ Asta So described some of the generous benefits offered to the employees at Submittable.

“Last fall we were actually incredibly excited to start an employee-paid onsite daycare center for babies and toddlers up to age two,” said So. “That’s been really rewarding in terms of building and helping to support that community aspect at our workplace. New parents who are going back to work are able to breastfeed their children during the day or go to play with them, and that’s been really wonderful.”

So described some of the other benefits that have been made available to the Submittable staff.

“We also offer other benefits such as personal development stipends so that staff who are interested in learning something,” she said. “That does not have to be work-related. It could be something personal. Some of our staff use them for music lessons, or I use them for personal training classes.”

So described the ‘Submittable’ business model.

“We are a software that different organizations can use to accept and make decisions on different types of digital content,” she said. “For example, the New Yorker is a client, and they use us to make decisions on poetry manuscripts. We have also worked with AT&T for film contests and Nike, as well for contests.

With approximately 100 employees, the company aims to grow its reputation as a desirable place to work.

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