Missoula authorities have details about the suspect of a string of vehicle break-ins after residents chased down an individual seen breaking into cars on Sunday, October 20.

"At about 2 o'clock in the afternoon, a couple of people reported that they saw a person breaking into cars while people were watching soccer games at Fort Missoula," said Missoula County Sheriff's Department spokeswoman Paige Pavalone. "When they went to approach him, he took off on his bike. He actually dropped a purse that he had stolen from a vehicle while he was being pursued."

According to Pavalone, witnesses were able to recall the following traits about the break-in suspect:

  • Thin, white male
  • Wearing a dark colored hoodie with the hood up
  • Dark blonde hair
  • Khaki pants
  • On a bike that was too small, perhaps a BMX style bike
  • Carried a cream-colored rucksack with a single strap
  • Between 17 and 25 years old

Another vehicle break-in near Tower Street and Spurgin Road occurred on the same day resulting in the loss of $400 to $500 worth of property. Witnesses said that the bicycle thief did not actually get to steal anything near Fort Missoula because he dropped it while trying to escape.