Some members of the Missoula City Council are asking for patience and understanding regarding the case of Staff Sergeant Brandon Bryant who is in the Missoula County Jail on $100,000 bond after threats against the council were published on You Tube.

Ward 4’s Jess Ramos explained.

“While we would never try to circumvent the law or the justice system regarding the case of Brandon Bryant, however, we (Sandra Vaseka, John Contos and Jesse Ramos) would like the City Council to live up to the issue of criminal justice reform,” said Ramos. “I think that Brandon Bryant needs some help when it comes to his mental health. After all, he is an American hero, having blown the whistle on an unconstitutional drone program and witnessed many horrific things during his term of duty. He needs help for his traumatic brain injury and for his PTSD.”

Ramos said Bryant’s bond is excessive.

“He doesn’t need to be jailed on $100,000 bond, which I understand is more than what a lot of rapists and violent offenders are facing,” he said. “I want to again condemn everything he said in that video, and since I was one of the city councilors threatened that I have the authority to speak on this topic. The city council took prompt action and barred him temporarily from attending council meetings. I thought that was the appropriate action to take and I thought it was all said and done after that, but the next thing you know, Brandon’s being arrested. I don’t think that’s appropriate and I don’t believe that is the correct action for his behavior. Again, I understand that he is troubled after his service to our country and that he fought bravely, but this action is just 100 percent overkill.”

Bryant is scheduled to appear before District Judge Shane Vannatta on Thursday afternoon on his felony charges.

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