Today representatives from the Missoula Education Foundation announced one to two award winners for the 2015 Exceptional Middle School Educator Awards. Superintendent Dr. Alex Apostle said his first stop was Meadow Hill Middle School:

"I was at Meadow Hill and we honored one of our teachers, a very deserving teacher," Apostle said. "It was kind of a surprise to him. The principal Christine Stevens called the meeting and no one really knew what was going to be happening until they go there. Then the announcement was made that he got teacher of the year."

Another award ceremony is taking place tomorrow at C.S. Porter Middle School.

"There's the student board of the Missoula Education Foundation and one of their tasks is to survey and find out from the community and from the students who they feel who is an outstanding teacher not only in the classroom, but someone that contributes overall to the community," Apostle said. "That's the criteria. It's quite a recognition. Again, it involves beyond just the classroom."

Past recipients include Cameron Johnson from Big Sky High School, Kevin Cashman from Chief Charlo Elementary School, Tracy Stone from Seeley-Swan High School and Gregory Imhoff from Washington Middle School.