Missoula School District One Superintendent Mark Thane made the case on Thursday for passage of two bond issues totaling more than $158 million coming before voters in November.

Thane began by relating the history of how the need for renovation or replacement of elementary and secondary schools came about.

"Back in 2008-2009 , through a state grant, we completed a facilities survey and discovered a significant amount of deferred maintenance issues, such as heating systems, boilers, roof structures and other items," said Thane. "Following that, we conducted our 21st century visioning effort, with over 200 community members participating. We put together a team for every building to determine what needed to be repaired or replaced."

Projects were prioritized and Thane said they have been placed on the ballot for voters to consider this November.

"The elementary bond issue would be $88 million," he said. "Some buildings will have to be replaced, and the issues of deferred maintenance would be addressed. "On the high school side, the bond issue would be $70 million dollars with the same goals. We would project that for a homeowner with a structure valued at $200,000, the elementary bond would cost about $12 per month for 20 years. The high school levy would be an additional six dollars per household."

Thane said the November election is being conducted via mail.

"Ballots will be mailed on October 12th," he said. "All ballots need to be returned by election day, November 3rd."