On Tuesday evening, Missoula County Public School District 1 trustees agreed to extend a lease for the PEAS Farm. PEAS is an acronym for "Program in Ecological Agriculture and Society" and is managed by the nonprofit Garden City Harvest.

"We're very excited about continuing our relationship with the PEAS Farm and with the city. It bodes well for all parties concerned," said Missoula County School District One Superintendent Alex Apostle. "We get to continue the great educational experiences at the PEAS farm concerning our students, and the future is very bright."

Apostle says the PEAS farm is used by teachers to further educate local students.

"They include it in a variety of ways in terms of lessons that they cover, each and every day," Apostle said. "The more students that we get involved in the over all program, the better. The staff at the PEAS Farm are great: they're innovative, their creative, and they are enthusiastic."

The lease was extended for forty years. The PEAS Farm will continue on its ten acres on Duncan Drive. The city of Missoula was also leased three acres as a playing field to be managed by the Parks and Recreation Department. Apostle says the cost of the lease is one dollar per year.