At around 12:37am on Sunday, Missoula Police Department Officers were called to a report of a domestic dispute between a male and female near the Reserve Street onramp to I-90. Three separate individuals called 911 to report the disturbance. Officers arrived and made contact with the female victim.

The victim reported that she and male had been drinking and that they began to argue near the interstate. The victim said she attempted to walk away from the argument by walking across the interstate, but the male pursued her while calling her a “whore”. Police Public Information Officer Lydia Arnold explains.

“Officers responded to an in progress domestic related disturbance along the interstate,” Arnold said. “Officers had to conduct their interview on the side of the interstate with passing traffic going above 65 miles per hour. During the investigation, officers were able to observe a visible altercation had taken place based on the injuries to the suspect, 36-year-old Noah Antone, and the victim.”

The victim said Antone strangled her in the “ravine” next to the interstate and slammed her head into the ground. The victim also said she struck Antone in the face during the argument in self-defense.

Officers observed that the victim had blood on her face, chin and hands. Officers also observed red marks on the sides of the victim’s neck and below her jaw. Officers also saw debris on the back of the victim’s shirt consistent with the material on the roadway.

“During the preliminary investigation, officers observed indicators of the victim being strangled and fighting back to get away from Antone,” Arnold said. “Officers were able to connect the victim to additional resources to victims in Missoula. Antone was arrested for partner family member assault, strangulation, and also charged with violation to a no contact order after attempting to make contact with the victim after being advised not to. Alcohol is a suspected factor in this incident.”

Antone attempted to call the victim at least 11 times. Officers were still with the victim at the time the calls were attempted and answered on the victim’s behalf on the 11th call. Antone acknowledged he had been served with the order on the call.

Antone is currently being charged with felony strangulation, partner of family member assault second offense, and violation of a no contact order.

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