Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - On March 20, 2023, officers with the Missoula Police Department responded to Home Depot after receiving a complaint that a male suspect had stolen at least one DeWalt battery that day. The complainant believed that the same suspect from an earlier case had committed the offense. The prior case involved 30-year-old Dylan Johnson and 26-year-old Larissa Matt.  

The officer noted in his report that Matt had been posting DeWalt batteries for sale on Facebook Marketplace as recently as March 18, 2023. Another officer located Matt in the parking lot of Mod Pizza, which is close to Home Depot. When Matt saw the officer, she put her head down and briskly walked away. The officer detained her and advised her of her rights.  

Officer Discovers Drugs

She denied being in Home Depot or stealing anything. She consented to a search of her person and her backpack. Inside Matt’s jacket pocket, the officer located a container with a fentanyl pill. Inside Matt’s backpack, the officer located a glass pipe with burn residue. The officer immediately recognized it to be a meth pipe.  

When the officer transported Matt to jail, he asked her about the Facebook Marketplace postings. She denied posting any of those herself and said that Johnson was constantly in possession of the phone that they share. When asked if Johnson posted the various items on Marketplace, she said, “Probably.” 

Officer Locates Johnson

Meanwhile, another officer entered Mod Pizza and went into the bathroom. He located Johnson in one of the stalls. After being commanded to do so, Johnson exited the stall and was taken into custody. The officer informed Johnson that he was suspected of stealing batteries from the Home Depot. Johnson denied stealing anything. 

According to court documents, the officers did not locate any stolen batteries in Johnson’s possession. However, an officer went back inside Mod Pizza and searched the bathroom. He located a DeWalt battery still in its packaging at the bottom of the trash bin, hidden underneath the garbage sack. 

Home Depot Explains What Happened

The officer also spoke with a manager at Home Depot who said Johnson entered the store, walked to the lawn and garden center, and took two batteries from a DeWalt power lawn mower. Johnson then left the store. The manager later informed the officer that each battery is valued at $319. The manager also told the officer that Johnson was previously trespassed from the store due to numerous other thefts. 

Officers inspected the area where the DeWalt batteries had been stolen. They discovered two additional DeWalt batteries were missing, bringing the total up to four. The officer returned the single stolen battery that he recovered from Mod Pizza, but the location of the other batteries is currently unknown. 

Johnson is currently being charged with felony burglary and felony tampering with physical evidence. Matt is currently being charged with criminal possession of dangerous drugs and criminal possession of drug paraphernalia. 

The information in the article was obtained from sources that are publicly viewable.

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