On Tuesday, an off duty Missoula Police Department officer observed 28-year-old Jason Edgar Jr. near the Economy West Trailer Court on West Broadway. The officer recognized Edgar from prior contacts and knew Edgar had an outstanding felony arrest warrant.

A responding officer placed Edgar under arrest and transported him to the detention facility. A detention officer conducted a routine inventory search of Edgar’s backpack. The detention officer located two small baggies of methamphetamine, two glass pipes, and metal pipe cleaning tools with burnt residue on them.

Edgar appeared in Missoula Justice Court Wednesday afternoon and Deputy County Attorney Carrie Garber provided the following statement.

“He was picked up on the warrant and an inventory search at the jail revealed methamphetamine and paraphernalia, which is why his other case is being revoked in the first place,” Garber said. “There appears to be an issue with regard to compliance and ongoing chemical dependency issues. We are requesting a separate bond in addition to the one already in place. We are asking for $15,000, your honor.”

The bond already in place from District Court was set at $10,000 and Judge Alex Beal decided not impose an additional separate bond. Edgar was charged with one felony count of criminal possession of dangerous drugs.

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