At around 8:30 Tuesday morning, Missoula Police responded to a disturbance call at a residence in the 2300 block of Burlington Avenue. Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh explains.

“They identified both and determined that both were in an ongoing romantic relationship,” said Welsh. “However, the two had been arguing this morning and it was reported that the male actually hit the female in the face at one point during the argument.”

According to Welsh, this is not the first time the man involved has committed this type of crime.

“He has been identified as 43-year-old Jim Clark and he was taken into custody in related to the disturbance,” Welsh said. “Officers learned that he has at least two prior convictions on this cumulative offense making the third or subsequent a felony.”

Welsh says the female grappled with Clark as she tried to get past him to leave the residence and it is unclear who called 911 to report the disturbance.

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