At around 7:30 p.m. Monday night, Missoula Police Officers were called to a report of a disturbance in the 2300 block of South 10th Street West. A woman reported that she and her boyfriend had been arguing and that she separated herself from him by going into her bedroom. However, she indicated that after she did so, her boyfriend continued to argue with her and began pounding on the door. Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh explains.

“The officers had been to this residence on two previous occasions that same night and were familiar with the parties involved,” Welsh said. “They knew that they were in a relationship and that they were living together. When the officers arrived, they made contact with 48-year-old Jason Spadt in the living room and also located the female in a back bedroom. The officers noted damage to the door that had not been there previously when they had responded to speak to the couple.”

Prior to opening the bedroom door, officers heard the female moving a large piece of furniture inside the bedroom, out of the way of the door. She said she had barricaded herself in the room with her dresser to protect herself from Spadt. Officers also observed two holes in the exterior of the door.

“According to the report, the investigation revealed that, due to past history, the female had barricaded herself in the bedroom and was afraid that an argument would escalate into physical violence,” Welsh said. “Based on the totality of the circumstances, the previous responses, and past history, Mr. Spadt was placed under arrest for partner or family member assault.”

Spadt was eventually able to make entry into the bedroom, which the female reported scared her as something similar had occurred in December 2020. In the prior incident, she reported Spadt shoved her into a wall. She was concerned Spadt would assault her in a similar manner when he made entry into the room. She also indicated Spadt had been drinking.

Officers contacted Spadt and he appeared intoxicated. He denied forcing the bedroom door open. When officers asked how the door was damaged, Spadt responded by saying he wanted to retrieve his phone from the female.

Spadt was charged with one count of felony partner or family member assault because he has two prior PFMA convictions.

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