At around 9:45pm on Monday, law enforcement officers responded to the 500 block of Spruce Street for a report of an assault. When officers arrived, they observed an adult male standing next to his vehicle covered in blood with multiple injuries to his face and head. Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh explains.

“Prior to their arrival, Missoula County Deputies had detained a man who had run out in front of them in that location into the street,” Welsh said. “The man was identified as 25-year-old Andrew Gervais. When MPD officers arrived, they made contact with an adult male victim who was actively bleeding from several injuries as a result of contact with Mr. Gervais.”

The officer also noticed several puddles of blood on the ground around the vehicle as well as the exterior of the driver’s door.

“The gentleman had explained that he had just arrived home in his vehicle and was about to get out when he was approached by Gervais who demanded that he slide over to the passenger seat,” Welsh said. “The victim reported that he felt this was an attempt by Gervais to take his vehicle against his will. The victim described getting out of the vehicle. At that point, he says he was punched several times by the suspect. He was knocked down, put in a choke hold, and stood back up. However, Gervais proceeded to punch him again several times.”

A witness observed the victim being punched in the face by a male as well as being body slammed to the ground. The witness said he yelled at the male who was assaulting the victim, which caused the male to run. The witness ran after the male and saw him run in front of a deputy’s patrol vehicle where he was eventually detained.

The victim was taken to the hospital and is suspected to have suffered a broken nose and possibly a broken eyebrow bone.

Gervais was charged with one count of felony robbery.

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