Now that Thanksgiving has passed, it’s time to seriously consider getting all your Christmas cards and packages mailed so they arrive on time.

Dave Shappee with the Shipping Depot has advice for those sending holiday mail to service members overseas.

“For your military packages, the best tip, depending on if they’re in the far east, is to get them in the mail by November 30th, “said Shappee. “If they’re elsewhere in the world, get them in the mail by December 7th at the latest.”

Shappee reminds anyone sending mail and packages that Christmas falls on a Monday, which presents a complication.

“Just remember, with Christmas Day on Monday, December 25th, that really makes for one less delivery day between now and Christmas,” he said. “If you’re sending mail and packages to the west coast, you can wait until that week before Christmas and get to the west, the southwest and midwest. However, if you’re sending mail to the east coast, try to get it to us before the 14th or 15th.”

Shappee said he offers a 20 percent discount on packages sent to military personnel to honor their service.

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