The Missoula County Public Schools have hired two new principals to represent Lowell Elementary School and Washington Middle School. Director of Technology and Communication Hatton Littman explains.

“The principal joining the staff at Lowell is named Brooke Capser and she is joining us from Michigan,” said Littman. “At Washington Middle School, Kacie Laslovich who has previously been the assistant principal at Washington, was hired after an interview process to be the principal of Washington Middle School.”

According to Littman, leaders who join their school districts need to embody the ideas of 21st century education.

“They have to be great effective communicators,” Littman said. “They have to be willing to collaborate and able to foster an environment of collaboration within their school. They also have to be critical thinkers and we need our principals to be instructional leaders in their building.”

Littman went on to thank both Brian Bessette and Craig Henkel for the leadership they were able to provide before choosing to vacate these positions. Capser and Laslovich will start in their positions on July 1, 2017.

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