Voters rejected a $90,000 levy for Lolo School on Tuesday. Lolo School Superintendent Mike Magone says that his team is currently examining what types of cuts the school can make.

"There isn't one, set thing that we are going to be looking to cut," Magone said. "What we will be doing over the next few days and the next couple of weeks, is analyzing the variety of things that we may have to do without, and how we can best continue to provide whatever programs we can within our limited resources."

Though some votes have been close, Lolo School has a long track record of asking for funds from voters and not getting them.

"This past year, we ran a bond issue for a new K-4 school facility twice, and it was narrowly defeated twice," Magone said. "That's the immediate history. As far as a general levy request, like the one we requested yesterday, it's been probably seven years since the community has approved one of those for us."

Looking forward, it will be at least a year, before Lolo can make another levy request. Michael Magone says another bond issue might be floated in the next two to three years.


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