New information has been released in the story of a Lolo man, who was shot in the head on St. Patrick's day.

The incident occurred at around noon on Sunday morning when Missoula County Sheriff’s Deputies and Emergency Medical Service personnel responded to reports that a man had been shot with a .22 caliber bullet in the head after a confrontation with a homeowner in the Lewis & Clark Trailer Park in Lolo.

A gun shot was fired by a homeowner who, reportedly,  had been pushed to the ground and threatened by the other man.

According to Sheriff’s department spokesman Jason Johnson, the detective investigating the shooting has finished and forwarded recommendations on to the County Attorney's office. Recommended charges for the man who was shot include felony burglary, misdemeanor assault and, misdemeanor criminal trespass of property.

There were no recommended charges for the man who pulled the trigger.

Because no official charges have been filed the names of the shooter and the man who was wounded have not been released yet. As of Monday, the wounded man was in stable condition.

Jason Johnson: