People around the world are waiting for the live broadcast of a duel that may take place in Montana. It’s not Batman vs. Superman, but a flying creature of the night is involved. According to Dunrovin Ranch Manager Jamie Breidenbach, the live osprey cam on the ranch in Lolo has been featuring a new star.

“We had one of our views from North Carolina notice a great horned owl and sent us an email,” said Breidenbach. “We focused our camera to be more on the nest and we got some really clear footage of the great horned owl. She has come back three nights in a row now and she has come back three nights in a row now and is fluffing the nest and eating the nest and appears claiming the nest for herself.”

The owl has been spotted nightly for the past three days, but Harriett the Osprey is expected to fly back and no one knows what will happen if the two birds meet.

“We are expecting Harriett, who is the female osprey that has been using this nest for several years now to return any day now,” Breidenbach said. “We are wondering what is going to happen when Harriett shows up and this great horned owl comes to the nest at night or if she will be there and what is going to unfold. It is yet to be determined.”

Breidenbach says they don’t have a name for the horned owl yet, but are taking suggestions. Harriett's partner Ozzy the Osprey was killed by an eagle in 2014. The live stream of the nest can be viewed at The owl has been seen during the night, between 3 and 4:30 a.m. in the morning.


Ozzy and Harriet, Photo courtesy of Dunrovin Ranch

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