A couple of weeks ago the Montana Club and Royal Limousine Services got together and set up a contest for our listeners. The prize: a fun night out for this year’s Lobsterfest. An office party of up to 10 people from Missoula were to be picked up by a driver in a limousine from Royal Limousine Services at 4 p.m., Friday, Jan. 20, and taken to either one of the Montana Club locations in Missoula for free meals at Lobsterfest. The prize included a special table reserved for them and one complimentary drink apiece. After dinner they were to be taken by limousine back to their office.

Those interested in entering had to write in and tell us why their office staff deserved to win. 

After much consideration by the management at Montana Club, and by representatives of our station, we narrowed down the submissions and eventually came up with a winner.

We received a lot of creative, fun and interesting entries. Some of them are featured below, including our Lobsterfest winners.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest.

  • Submitted by Misty Echevarria

    Life is precious, at times very sweet,
    Limo and Lobster can't be beat.
    When your day ends, that's when ours begins.
    Limo and Lobster is just around the bend.


    There once was 10 hungry morticians,
    Whose skills were fine like magicians,
    Their rumbling bellies put their wits to the test, So it was off to a feast at Lobsterfest.

  • Submitted by Brandi McKnight

    We are not technically an “office,” but a non-profit charitable organization that functions only with the help of our wonderful volunteers! We are Faith Therapeutic Riding and our Mission is to “Empower people with disabilities through equine assisted activities”. Our volunteers dedicate their time, efforts & money to enriching the lives of many people, who might not otherwise have the opportunity to overcome their disabilities and gain independence, confidence and improved self esteem. (this is not counting the physical improvements to their lives as well!) Our volunteers are a very caring group who deserve a special dinner as a thank you for their dedication!

  • Submitted by Lisa Parker


    Some people might think working with a bunch of lawyers would be the same as being in a tank of crabs – it’s a good thing this contest isn't “crab-fest” because if it were, we'd be cannibalizing our kind. Funny thing is, lawyers are very similar to lobsters in many ways. Lobsters are not by nature cannibalistic, except when held in crowded conditions. Have you ever seen a lawyer in a courtroom??? Lobsters can amputate their own claws and legs to escape danger — hello–can you say distraction when a trial starts to go downhill. And finally, lobsters are invertebrates — do I even have to touch on the public opinion out there relating to lawyers.

    Seriously though — our entire team is a hard working bunch that enjoys a good time out. After all, we do have to endure some pretty interesting things. Walking to the courthouse, we are continually asked by the local homeless for a kiss, to borrow our sunglasses, or would we marry them. We could write a book on some of the outrageous claims people want to sue for — back end getting pinched by a public restroom toilet seat, being discriminated against because if burgers are 2 for $2 — they should be 1 for $1….and the list goes on.

    Although the comparison has been made between lobsters and our bosses — a lobster dinner would taste WAY better than one comprised of the legal field. Thanks for considering our entry.


  • And the winning entry was… submitted by Sue Anderson

    The office I work in is the main registration office of Community Medical Center. In mid May we were moved from our offices for the expansion of the new Women's and Children's Center at Community Medical Center, that was after we listened to all the banging, digging of bulldozers, dump trucks, cranes, building outside our windows and walls. We lost our view to the outside world, along with the pine tree that housed a friendly squirrel that we fed. We were moved into another part of the hospital for approximately four months, where we had make shift desk, continued to work out of boxes and try to keep the public/patients' information from being overheard while we registered the patients among the daily hospital traffic. We were then moved back into the Main hospital, where they had changed the drawings and the remodel to come back to smaller registration booths, a large open area where we have to speak quietly, since a patient voices carries throughout the waiting area. We also found our offices to not being hooked up to the air exchange, air/heat since that would be completed with the new addition/wing, so we unwillingly agreed to enjoy the summer weather in our offices that were in the mid 80 to 90 plus temps trying to cool off with small fans or just move the air around. Our poor manager wasn't allowed to move back with us, since her office was located in the new addition, and wasn't ready for inspection and wouldn't be until the new addition was finished. Thus we had to keep running back and forth to see her in the Rehab area, which was also being given a new face lift with new floors, sheet rock, paint once we vacated our temporary offices. I think my fellow employees and my manager need this wonderful night out with Lobster and drinks, to help us feel that our misplacement was well worth it and that we were appreciated for our continued service to the public and to help our patients through these hard months, by keeping our happy smiling faces on. The addition is well worth the sacrifice we had and CMC is getting a well deserved face lift, but the people who were really affected during all of this was our registration staff. Please see the attached photo of what was outside our windows while we continued to work until they needed to break through the walls.