The female accomplice of accused killer Kevin Lino, 28 year-old Angela Marchese, appeared in Missoula Justice Court on Friday to face felony obstruction of justice charges. 

Angela Marchese
photo from Facebook

Chief Deputy Criminal County Attorney Jason Marks asked Judge Karen Orzech to maintain Marchese's bond for the next few days.

"Your honor, I would ask that the court leave bail at $50,000 and have her reappear next Thursday to address that," Marks said. "I anticipate that her mother will be traveling up here from Casper, Wyoming, and in turn we can try and work out an arrangement other than having her in custody."

Marchese is disabled and confined to a wheelchair. Judge Orzech agreed, and maintained bail at $50,000 until Marchese's mother could arrive and care for her daughter in Missoula while the legal process continues.

Felony obstruction of justice in Montana carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison.

Marchese, Lino and two others involved in the incident, Kenneth Hickman and Mechailiah Tembreull, both 21, are in the Missoula County jail. Hickman has been charged with felony aggravated assault, while Tembreull has been released on bond for a charge of accountability to aggravated assault.

Lino has been charged with deliberate homicide, and Hickman with aggravated assault in the beating, mutilation, torture and shooting death of transient Gilbert Barry in late July.