Recently, Montana Republican legislative leaders sent a letter to Montana’s Congressional Delegation urging them to put a stop to what they termed ‘the reckless taxing and spending proposal currently working its way through Congress. The biggest gift Montana could receive from Washington, D.C., this holiday season is a dose of common sense, not more federal taxes and debt.’

House Majority Leader Sue Vinton spoke to KGVO about the letter and its purpose.

“Congress is currently considering yet another massive amount of spending and we are urging our congressional representatives to not approve that spending and to resist that temptation,” said Speaker Vinton. “Congress has already passed 5 trillion in COVID relief spending, and they've just passed another 1.2 trillion infrastructure bill. So now Congress is considering yet another massive beast of a bill, as we said in our letter, and in my opinion, and I believe that the rest of leadership in our caucus agrees that spending is not the way to get ourselves out of this economic condition we find ourselves in.”


“The correct path is to remove the barriers to getting people back to work, to helping families to get their children back in school and in learning to really to allow businesses to thrive, and the exact opposite is happening and has been happening for well over a year,” she said. “Montana has received millions, even billions in funding in the last 12 months. What we have a problem with now is workforce. This money needs to be spent. And we have many projects that it can be spent on. But we need to have the workforce in place in order to achieve that goal. So what I would urge people to look at is ways to get back into the workforce and to encourage our congressional delegation to lead us in that endeavor.”

Speaker Vinton had a special message tailored to Montana’s lone Democrat in the delegation, Senator Jon Tester.

“Senator Tester should be keeping the people of Montana at the forefront of his mind instead of the bureaucrats in (Washington) D.C. that he seems to have the most affinity to,” she said. “The people in Montana need to get back to work. They need to get back to providing for their families and they need to see a halt of this incredible inflation that is going on.”

Read the entire letter to Montana’s Congressional Delegation here.


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