Legendary sportscaster Brent Musburger visited with students and reporters on Thursday afternoon in the Journalism building on the UM Campus, talking, of course, football.

Musburger related how he has been introducing his fellow SEC broadcasting team to Missoula, the UM campus, and especially Washington Grizzly Stadium.

""George Hill is from Seattle, and he drove up here and took one look at the facility and said 'wow, what a neat little stadium'. I don't think people realize what a great environment the Griz have right here in Missoula," said the Montana Broadcaster's Association Hall of Famer.

When asked about the noise level at Washington Grizzly as compared to the SEC venues he regularly visits, Musburger said the difference is what he referred to as 'knowledgeable noise'.

"Here's what people who have coached in here against the Grizzlies have told me," he said. "This crowd's not just noisy. They know that when it's third and three and the opposing team is trying to communicate on the field, this crowd picks it up, and they get really loud, and it's very hard to hear out on the field because it's so confined and so closed in. The Griz, when they get the ball third and three, the sound goes down. That's what we call knowledgeable noise."

Musburger was highly complimentary of the incoming North Dakota State Bison team, in that they have won the National Championship four straight times, something never before accomplished in the FCS.

"Think about this," Musburger pointed out. "The seniors on this team have won more championships in four years that they've lost games, four and three. Now, no matter how you look at it, that's impressive."

Musburger speculated that if the Grizzly defense can hold off the powerful North Dakota State offense long enough for the now, Bob Stitt-coached Grizzly offense to find it's feet, it could be an exciting game.

Musburger said he and his broadcasting crew will actually be broadcasting from the roof of the press box on Saturday, since the normal TV space is just too confining for the large ESPN staff coming to cover the game. Musburger joked about hoping for no lightning during the game.

Kickoff is slated for 1:30 p.m. on Saturday for the second ESPN Kickoff Classic.

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