Lake County Commissioners issued an Emergency Declaration this week over flooding concerns.

"Our main flooding will be the first and second week of June," said Lake CountyCommissioner Dave Stipe. "We have enough reservoir storage plus the water that's coming out of the mountains now, we are going to fill the reservoirs by the first or second week of June. If we happen to get a rain event we could get into some flooding, especially since we're at 141 percent of normal snow pack."

Stipe says normally, water would be pulled out of the reservoirs by instigators, but the wet weather means those waters will likely go into June mostly untapped.

"As wet as it is now, nobody is going to be irrigating to speak of," Stipe said. "Because we have irrigation canals that run parallel to the mountains, you could lose one of those canals and you could get a flood because of the run-off sheeting off the mountain."

The reservoirs are only partially full now. Stipe says Monday’s emergency declaration was a pre-preemptive measure.

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