On November 15 and 16, Missoula High Schools will be hosting a Speech and Debate meet, and community based volunteer judges are needed to participate.

MCPS Communication Director Hatton Littman provides details for those interested in being a judge.

“We are always proud to get to host our Speech and Debate meets in Missoula,” said Littman. This year the meet will be held at Sentinel High School. We’re putting out the word now because we need adult volunteers who are willing to judge then event. I will let you know that every year we hear feedback from the volunteers that it’s one of the most amazing experiences they’ve ever had.”

Littman said there is training offered for volunteer judges before the meet.

“If people are interested in judging and they’ve never judged before, we have a quick, free and easy judging clinic that will happen at Sentinel High School on November 7th,” she said. “The way you get signed up is to visit Missoula Speech and Debate dot com where you can sign up as a volunteer judge and they’ll have all the information you need about that clinic.”

Littman said the qualifications mainly require someone who enjoys being around young people and is willing to be a judge.

“Really, you need to be a thoughtful person and you need to be a good listener,” she said. “When they train you in the clinic they provide the judges with rubrics and information about how the students score points and what the format is for each activity within the meet, so really, we just want thoughtful, willing and eager people who are great listeners.”

Littman said there is no mandatory level of education needed to be a judge, but someone who is willing to listen and participate.

If there are more participants then expected, the overflow will be sent to Hellgate High School.

The judges’ clinic is on November 7 from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at sentinel High School.

Get more details by clicking this link.

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