A few years ago, it looked as if Jennifer Lopez had lost her clout as a celebrity. But since she joined ‘American Idol‘ two years ago, Lopez has reinvigorated her career in a dramatic way. And now, she’s made the top spot on Forbes’ list of the 100 most powerful celebs in the world. As Lopez herself might say, that’s enough to give us “goosies.”

According to an article written by Forbes staffer Dorothy Pomerantz, Lopez’s success started with her stint on ‘Idol,’ which “gave her a platform to promote her music and turn her image around.” Then, after divorcing husband Marc Anthony, Lopez “lapped up the media attention and scored lucrative endorsement deals with companies like L’Oreal and Gillette.”

From there, Lopez created a line of clothing at Kohl’s, a fragrance and netted herself a $20 million deal for her second season on ‘Idol.’ And let’s not forget that Lopez has also established herself as a “master of social media” with 6.6 million Twitter followers and 12 million Facebook fans.

Interestingly, Lopez unseated Lady Gaga for the top spot on the list, and now ranks higher than Oprah Winfrey and Justin Bieber, who came in second and third, respectively.

What do you think? Is Lopez truly the most powerful celeb in the world? And will she be able to maintain the top spot if the rumors are correct and she leaves ‘Idol’?

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