First off, I'm a few weeks behind on this. It's definitely not breaking news and I'm roughly two weeks behind on this.

But Cranky Sam's Public House added food to their already delicious food and liquor menu.

Prior to March 15, if you were at Sam's having a drink and developed a hankering for some food you had to walk next door to Biga Pizza. Not that it's a bad option to ever eat at Biga, but there weren't any in-house options until now. I frequented Sam's twice this weekend and had to try out some food both times. My non-expert review: It was great. Here's a quick peek at the full menu.

Credit: Ace Sauerwein
Credit: Ace Sauerwein

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They've got a nice variety of options. The classic bar foods like wings, nachos and burgers mixed with green salads and some more "specialty" items. There's a sticky rice plate, a stir fry, ribs and even some salmon.

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My recommendations: The Nachos and the Island Pork Plate. The nachos were incredible. I don't know what it was but the chicken was extra good in the nachos. The Island Pork Plate was phenomenal.

I can't recommend it enough. If you head to Sam's anytime soon let us know what you get and what you think of it. A Chocolate Chunk Cookie is waiting for me the next time I head to Sam's.

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