In Montana people grill, use smokers and BBQ all year round, regardless of the weather. But spring and summer in Montana is a special kind of grilling season. That is when the smell of grilling fills neighborhoods almost all the time.  

"First of It's Kind" in Missoula BBQ Headquarters is Open

We also take grilling and barbecuing very seriously here in Montana. Now there’s a store that takes grilling just as seriously as you do, whether you are a beginner or a pro. Big Sky BBQ Supply has opened up a "one-of-a-kind" shop in Missoula’s Stephens Center. They are “Montana’s Outdoor Cooking & BBQ Headquarters”. 

Big Sky BBQ Sign
Credit: Chris Wolfe

Recently a Montana BBQ restaurant was named one of the best in the country, making the top 10, according to Yelp.  

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When it comes to cooking on an open flame, I am more of a griller. I haven’t had the time or the patience to become a full-fledged “BBQ Pit Master”. Maybe this new store could help me broaden my horizons and help me dive into the world of BBQ.

They Carry Something For Every Type of BBQ

I spoke with owner Brad Priddy about the new venture. He explained:

We carry any and every brand of built in kitchen cabinet-like grill, appliance, smoker, burner, griddle and then all the cabinets that go underneath. We work with contractors to help people build custom outdoor kitchens as well as for your backyard. For avid smokers, cart grillers, smokers, griddles just a little bit of everything.

Big Sky BBQ cart BBQs
Credit: Chris Wolfe
Big Sky BBQ
Credit: Chris Wolfe

The Wall of Spices, Rubs and Sauces is Impressive

Big Sky BBQ carries a big selection of accessories for every type of grill and meat. Their selection of rubs, and sauces is impressive. They carry fuel for grilling, they have pellets and charcoal. They can help set up custom kitchens with "high end stainless". If you are just getting into grilling they can help with that too, with basic level pellet stoves, grills or Blackstone griddles.

Big Sky BBQ
Credit: Chris Wolfe

They have 28 built in grills along with around 30 different "cart grills" in their spacious showroom. If you want to cook pizzas, they have you covered with pizza ovens and all the accessories for those too.

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I asked Brad what cut of meat was his favorite to cook, he didn't hesitate, "brisket, always has been, always will be". Right now the best way to see all they have to offer is to stop by the store. Their website will be up and running soon.

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