A business in downtown Missoula is asking the public for assistance in identifying a vandal.

The Import Market on Broadway shared on their Instagram account a video with the message, "please help us identify our latest vandal" followed by a direction to "Contact Detective Ethan Smith with any information."

In the video, a man removes a flag that is hanging from the front of the business and puts it in a nearby trashcan. The flag is a Gadsden Flag with a rainbow background.

This is the second time the Import Market has experienced vandalism where a flag(s) was taken from the building.

In a post from June 12, the business shared security footage of a group of individuals removing pride-related flags from the business. "As a long-time lgbqt+ supporter, I'm disheartened by the latest vandalism towards our shop. Not only did they deliberately remove all the pride related flags, but they tore them up into pieces, stuffed them down their pants, and peed on them," the post said.

After the incident, the Import Market responded by hanging additional pride related flags on the business.

In regards to the most recent incident, the post says "I hate posting this. I almost didn't because of the backlash from the last one but vandalism is vandalism, stealing is stealing and I will not tolerate it."

The post requests that information be shared via DM or to contact Detective Ethan Smith at 406-552-6300.

Also in a post on Instagram, the Import Market shared that the vandals from June 12 have been identified and the police are involved.

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