The definition of a "stereotype", according to is: "a simplified and standardized conception or image invested with special meaning and held in common by members of a group". Montana has it's share of stereotypes about our state. I think everyone has a stereotype about certain places or people whether they want to admit it or not. Even travelling within Montana there are stereotypes about different areas. When someone mentions "Bozeman", what pops into your head? Or "Missoula"?

Not A Lot of Radio Announcers Ride Their Horses To Work

Some stereotypes about Montana have been around for a long time and don't seem to be going away anytime soon. It wasn't too long ago when traveling, I was talking to someone I had just met who found out I was from Montana he asked me if I "rode a horse to work?". I let him know there isn't much call for a morning radio announcer to ride a horse to work these days. I wouldn't even know where to park it.

AI Stereotypes Of Montana

I asked AI to give me some examples of "Montana Stereotypes". As it searched the internet, it came up with a list of 7 "Montana Stereotypes". There are still some people that believe these stereotypes. So let's put some of these to rest.

Montana Stereotype Everyone is a Cowboy
Credit: Canva

"All Montanan's Are Cowboys or Cowgirls"- There are a lot of people in Montana that make their living working with livestock. There area also a lot of amateur and professional Rodeo competitors that have come from Montana, but by no means are we all cowboys or cowgirls. I don't even own a cowboy hat.

Montana Stereotype there are no towns
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"Montana Is Just Isolated Wilderness"- Even though we have plenty of wilderness for those that want to get away. We do have a town or two, we may even have a city, with traffic and buildings and everything.

Montana Stereotypes No Computers
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"Montana Doesn't Have Any Technology"- Montana's internet infrastructure continues to expand across the state. Yes we have access to the internet and even computers.

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Montana stereotypes a mountain with wildfiowers
Credit: Canva

"Montana Is Always Covered in Snow"- Montana can get cold in the winter and yes, we do get snow on occasion. You don't usually need a winter coat all year round these days. There may be a day coming soon where you may not even need studded tires on your vehicle.

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Montana Stereotypes Everyone is the Outdoors Type
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"Everyone in Montana is the Outdoors Type"- For those that are the "outdoor" type, Montana can be a magical place. There is something for everyone all year round. But, for those that don't find the outdoors enjoyable, there are concerts, festivals, art museums, bowling alleys and more. There is something for everyone who doesn't want to spend their days outdoors.

Montana Stereotypes Uneducated
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"Montanans Are Uneducated and Outdated"-  Despite what some people may think, Montanans are more educated than a majority of states in the country. Missoula's library has been recognized as one of the best in the world.

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Montana Stereotypes of Montana with a horse in every driveway
Credit: Canva

"Every Driveway Has a Horse"- This one was probably my favorite stereotype. I thought everyone knew horses don't like driveways.

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When tourist season rolls around in Montana, I hate to see the disappointment on the faces of the people that decided to visit our state based on these stereotypes. I think they will be in for a surprise.

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