Ahead of Saturday evening's matchup against Division 2 powerhouse Ferris State, the Montana Grizzlies Football team revealed their special black out uniforms.

And they are.... CRISP (Tweet to see the Griz black out uniforms can be seen below).

Some fans weren't on board with the black out, as evident in an article I wrote up a few weeks ago. Man, there were some fiery comebacks in that article. People were so fired up, that we created a poll to discover what fans want out of a color out. Black outs checked in 2nd behind a maroon out.

Long line of Montana alternate uniforms

I love the new black out uniforms, but nothing will beat those copper and gold unis. Bring those bad boys back every year for a throwback day. Another solid addition were the all greys back in 2015.

Plus, a number of other resplendent alternate versions of maroon or white jerseys.

A big round of applause to the marketing & video team for putting that sick hype video together.

How do we feel about them? Do you wish the helmet was black too? Do you like the paw on the back of the helmet instead of the side? Let us know your thoughts by voting on the poll below.

Go Griz.


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