Have you ever seen the movie "CLERKS?" In my opinion, it is a must-watch for everyone. It is the first feature film from director Kevin Smith. A film he made in film school that featured characters inspired by his childhood in New Jersey. The movie "CLERKS" is where the dynamic duo known as "Jay and Silent Bob" originated from.

In the "CLERKS" movie, the employees have a tough time opening the security gate for the front of the store. Instead of wasting time messing with the gate, they choose to make a sign using a sheet and shoe polish. They then drape the sign over the gate to inform customers that "I ASSURE YOU; WE'RE OPEN!"

Missoula Copy Center recently took a play out of the "CLERKS" playbook to address an issue they were having following an accident at the store.

Back in June of 2023, we received news of a man driving his car into the Missoula Copy Center storefront.

According to the report from KGVO

On June 13, 2023, at approximately 1:00 a.m., Missoula Police Department officers responded to the Missoula Copy Center on McDonald Avenue. A vehicle had plowed through the front wall of the business causing catastrophic damage. Police spoke to multiple witnesses who heard the crash, came outside, and saw a man trying to back his red SUV vehicle out of the building.

Since the accident nearly 6 months ago, Missoula Copy Center has been fixing the giant hole the SUV created, as well as other repairs. Since the SUV damaged the storefront, it is hard for customers to tell the place is open from the street. To fix this issue, Missoula Copy Center made a sign. A sign making light of an unfortunate accident when a man tried parking "inside" the store  And, since they are pros at making signs, they created one that is much better quality than the one used in the "CLERKS" movie.

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kc tsm

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