I have always been fond of small game hunting in Montana. Especially during the "off-season" from big game hunting. I have great memories growing up hunting rabbits with my old man. Dad had a way of making it look easy. Somehow managing to take down cottontails with his .22 caliber pistol, that I could not come close to hitting with my .22 caliber rifle.

When the hunt was over, we proudly took home our bag of bunnies. Now, what do we do with them? We are not French culinary masters. Chefs that are world-renowned for making something as simple as rabbit a gourmet dish. But, I remember eating some amazing meals featuring the small game we harvested. (Thank God for cream of mushroom soup and the invention of the crockpot.)

As the Montana Grizzlies gear up to take on the South Dakota State Jackrabbits, Griz fans are looking for some game-day food ideas. What better reason to eat rabbit?

The Thomas Meagher Bar in Missoula always has a way of trolling opposing teams with special menu items. Just recently TMB decided to feature bison burgers on their menu, as the Griz faced off against the NDSU Bison in the semi-final round of the FCS playoffs.

Looking ahead at the BIG GAME this weekend, the Thomas Meagher Bar has chosen to feature rabbit on their menu.

This Sunday ONLY, TMB is serving up rabbit and sausage gumbo to hungry Griz fans during their FCS Championship watch party.

Doors are at 10 am

Game starts at Noon

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