What word should I use to describe the winter of 2024 (so far)? It is a tough one. It is not what we are used to seeing. Instead of being the typical cold with snow piled high, we are fluctuating between weather so cold that it hurts your face to struggling to decide if we should put umbrellas in our poolside cocktails.

According to the National Weather Service

El Nino is a natural climate phenomenon marked by warmer-than-average sea surface temperatures in the central and eastern Pacific Ocean near the equator, which occurs on average every 2-7 years. El Nino’s impacts on the climate extend far beyond the Pacific Ocean. El Nino’s influence on the U.S. is weak during the summer and more pronounced starting in the late fall through spring.

El Nino is to blame for your snow shovel collecting rust in your garage. The warm temperatures are followed by extreme cold and then another thaw. Mother Nature is a little bipolar, to say the least.

Just check out some of the craziest weather events we have had over the years.

Montana's Top 10 Record-Setting Wild Weather Events

Montana is named Big Sky Country for several reasons, not only grandiose Sunsets but impressive weather events as well! Ask any Montana resident who has scoffed at the idea of tossing a blanket or snow shovel in the trunk of the car ” just in case”. Here is a list of Montana's Top 10 Record-Setting Wild Weather Events

Gallery Credit: Brian Lee

Weather FLIP!

There was a huge flip in temperatures across the nation this past week. We here in Montana experienced unseasonably warm temperatures. While people in Florida are huddling around space heaters dressed in parkas.

Just imagine how all the "snowbirds" are feeling now. Thinking that they were being smooth and heading south before Montana's crazy winter weather set in. Now they are frantically digging in their suitcases for more winter clothing.

LOOK: Biggest snowfalls recorded in Montana history

Stacker compiled a list of the biggest 1-day snowfalls in Montana using data from the National Centers for Environmental Information.

Gallery Credit: Stacker

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