Urban Deer are a part of Missoula as much as street layouts that make no sense or great, local, craft beer. You better get used to it.

The topic of Urban Deer, good or bad, gets talked about daily in Missoula offices, bars, walking trails, and more. They are just a "Missoula Thing".

People that have lived here for years or even generations are numb to it. Stopping a few times on the way to a Griz game to let deer cross the street is a normal Fall Saturday. Yes, they get in your gardens, mess up your lawn, and sometimes cause traffic problems, but in the big scope of Missoula problems, are they really even near the top of the list?

Recently a Missoula newcomer took to Reddit to claim their distaste or at least their dog's distaste for the Urban Deer. Right when I read the headline "Is anyone else Annoyed By Urban Deer?", I knew this person was about to get lit up on the comments.

Reddit User, "Dangerous_Help4844" who says they moved here from Great Falls (where they also have plenty of Urban Deer) claims the deer are a nuisance and are driving his dog "go nuts". The post goes on to explain the situation which you can read HERE.

Missoulian's Weren't Having It

As you can imagine, local Redditors took to the comment section to stand up for the town they love to defend even the smallest Missoula nuance, like Urban Deer.

I live outside the city. I'll take the deer over the bears on my porch any day.

Yet I don't come and whine about it because....it's my choice to live here. -Reddit User Idontwanna10


I'm sure your neighbors are annoyed by your dog going berserk every time a deer walks by. -Reddit User MissoulaRider1


Oh look, another poster who thinks their dog can do no wrong -Reddit User AutumnShade44


Then move somewhere with less wildlife. Say you're from g falls but where did you come from before that? Cuz real Montanans understand deer are a natural part of life here. -Reddit User QueenOfGreen16

These comments go on and on. Honestly, I expected nothing less, if anything, I thought they would get meaner.

This is just a part of a long list of people from out of town or out of state who are moving here and complaining instead of embracing. Missoulians are pretty tolerant, but why would you move here if you are going to complain and try and change everything that made Missoula the cool little mountain town you decided to call home?

And just a head's up to the Redditor complaining about the Missoula Urban Deer, no, you cannot hunt them, nor would you want to. 

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