The seemingly endless flood of "new neighbors" continues in Montana. Even in the off-season for tourists, you can't drive down the street without counting a dozen out-of-state plates.

STORY TIME: Jersey Devil

In just the last 48 hours I have had multiple traffic issues with out-of-state drivers. Just yesterday I had a car cut me off in traffic. Nearly took out my passenger-side headlights.

Anyone who knows me well knows that I am not a fan of honking the horn. Something about a car horn makes me anxious. But, after getting blatantly cut off, it was grounds for me to LAY ON THE HORN! The driver replied to my honking by making a fist and shoving it out the window. Only to triumphantly raise the middle finger for a solid 5 seconds. I couldn't help but laugh when I realized the vehicle had New Jersey plates. The way I see it, they are used to driving like a-holes in Jersey. The middle finger is just how they negotiate their right of way. But that isn't how it goes in Montana.

In another recent incident, I found myself driving the dreaded Highway 93. It is a daily stretch that I drive, on what is one of the most dangerous highways in Montana. It's not that it is full of sharp runs and blind corners, the highway is so dangerous because of idiot drivers.

STORY TIME: U Can't Do That Here

Just this morning, I had another run-in with out-of-staters. This time it was a giant moving truck that was the culprit. Granted a lot of the vehicles with California plates are rentals, being that this was a moving truck made me assume the family was moving here.

While getting up to a highway speed of about 70 mph, I noticed a giant moving truck ahead of me. The truck was driving southbound as I was heading north. The driver must have missed the turn to their new neighborhood. Because the truck made a fast and dangerous U-Turn in the middle of the highway. Nearly tipping over into traffic. Again, I felt this was a great time to give him the horn. I immediately got the same reply as I did from our new friend from Jersey.

If you are reading this, and you suspect that you are one of the drivers that I am calling out, just know that I am not mad. I just need you to understand that life is a little slower in Montana. We enjoy not getting stuck in giant traffic jams and fist-fighting at stoplights. (Well...most of us at least.) There is no need to be unsafe and then get upset when people call you out. I am no stranger to the art of "flipping the bird." I just think the gesture is slightly more aggressive to a Montanan than an everyday gesture you use to navigate a turn. Heaven forbid you catch a grumpy cowboy at a stoplight on a bad day.

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