You would think people were waiting at Montana's border holding up signs that say "NO VACANCY." Spend any amount of time on social media and you will see a comment from someone saying "Montana is full, go back to where you came from."  For those of you making those comments, just being rude and mean is not going to stop people from moving here. If you want to slow the relocation of people to Montana, you are going to need a little divine intervention.

Just one look at some WILD Montana weather and people might change their mind.

For Example:

Montana's Top 10 Record-Setting Wild Weather Events

Montana is named Big Sky Country for several reasons, not only grandiose Sunsets but impressive weather events as well! Ask any Montana resident who has scoffed at the idea of tossing a blanket or snow shovel in the trunk of the car ” just in case”. Here is a list of Montana's Top 10 Record-Setting Wild Weather Events

Gallery Credit: Brian Lee

This recent "arctic blast" was felt in many parts of the US this past weekend.

The Kansas City Chiefs game was trending because football fans could drink their frozen beer at Arrowhead Stadium.

But, it got even colder here in Montana this past weekend.

According to Dennis Bragg from the Townsquare Weather Center

The National Weather Service says long-standing cold records fell across the state Saturday and Sunday morning, with dozens of locations colder than -30 or 40 below. Chester, Montana took the cold crown when it hit -54 below.

The temperature got so cold that it inspired an Arizona weatherman to share with his audience how he feels about anyone living or considering a move to Montana.

Sam Davey shared a post on social media that says

My parents are in Arizona and this is what the weather guy said... as if the weather is the worst part

I have heard people say that the extreme cold and winter snow storms are a great deterrent to people considering a move here. Joking that the arctic cold that we experienced this past week could change some people's minds about a move to Montana.

NOTE: You probably won't see many Arizona plates in Billings after that weather report.

LOOK: Biggest snowfalls recorded in Montana history

Stacker compiled a list of the biggest 1-day snowfalls in Montana using data from the National Centers for Environmental Information.

Gallery Credit: Stacker

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