Sometimes you want to do something after work, but you don't want to have a beer. Maybe you had a drunken weekend, maybe you're on a dry January or maybe you just don't want a boozy beverage. Maybe you can't have one for personal reasons, too.

Whatever the reason, it's all good in the hood. If you need a night away from home with no alcohol on the brain then Reddit has you covered.

A Reddit user leaped into the Missoula Reddit page to inquire about "Non-alcoholic fun evening locations."

I am visiting Missoula and am on the lookout for fun places where I can have some local friends meet up with me tomorrow evening... I want to ensure our location is welcomin and inclusive for everyone. So I am seekign non-alocholic social spots in Missoula. Board game cafes? Mini-golf? Really open to all suggestions here. - u/silencegold

A plethora of Missoulians came to the rescue to suggest their favorite N/A spots. Here are some of our favorite suggestions.

"The Axe Throwing place doesn't serve alcohol" -MT_RC

Lookout Throwing Co. is a great spot for a night out with no booze sold there (disclaimer: I'm fairly sure people can bring their own booze). I had a holiday party and it was a great time. Especially if you are a competitive individual... create a tournament, a league, etc.

"Grab a boardgame or two and go to The Break." -bluetrain1

Break Espresso is a great option. Go grab a non-caffeinated drink, a scone and kick your friend's ass in Catan, Betrayal or Stratego. It's open until 10 pm, so you have plenty of time.

"You could have dinner downtown and then see a movie at the Roxy."-Pie-Creative




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Another disclaimer: restaurants can, obviously, serve alcohol and so does the Roxy. If you can avoid it though, Missoula's got a ton of restaurants and the Roxy is a top spot in town.

"Unhinged might is super fun. No booze and you get to break stuff!" - wowzersitsdan

I had no clue there was a rage room in Missoula. If you're ever in an angry mood and want to break a room, then Unhinged would be a perfect de-stresser.

"it's been awhile since I've been there but the university center has a pretty fun game space along with some NA drink places and food -aidanc1116

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