28 year-old Ivan Ingraham of Browning is being held in the Missoula County Jail on $75,000 bond after allegedly brutally beating and strangling a woman in Missoula.

Deputy Missoula County Attorney Caitlin Williams asked for the $75,000 bond from Judge Marie Andersen in Missoula Justice Court.

“This defendant is extremely dangerous to this victim,” began Williams. “He has continually isolated her and brazenly continued to hurt her despite the fact that her family was around. He has stated that he feels entitled to hut her because ‘she’s my woman’. The defendant’s threat toward the woman on August 19th indicate that ‘I’m really going to hurt you this time’, which causes the State grave concern that he will exact retribution on this victim if he is released, particularly since the victim has been unsuccessful in keeping the defendant out of her home.”

Williams continued her plea to the judge to keep the defendant away from the victim.

“The defendant has threatened to kill the victim multiple times, including Facebook Messenger on July 12th stating ‘I’m going to kill you, bitch’,” she said. “The defendant immediately attempted to contact the victim from the jail, and when that was unsuccessful, he sent his relative to try to contact her.”

Williams described the multiple arrests and convictions against Ingraham, including federal assault convictions. Williams asked the judge to ensure that if or when Ingraham is released that he have no contact with the victim or her residence and that he be equipped with a GPS to guard her safety.

Ingraham told the judge that he had no fixed address or phone number, and no job in Missoula.

Judge Andersen set bail at $75,000 and ordered Ingraham to appear in court again on September 7.

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