A restaurant in Georgia made national headlines last week after slapping a surcharge on the bill of a family with some noisy kids

WSB-TV out of Atlanta reported a restaurant in Georgia is "charging a fee for poor parenting." A customer was reported to take to Reddit to complain about a $50 surcharge at the Toccoa Riverside Restaurant in Blue Ridge, Georgia.

We've all been in a public setting with loud, obnoxious kids, right? Some of you probably have been the parents of those loud, obnoxious kids. It's definitely annoying, it's not the end of the world, to me at least.

But was it necessary to charge the family an extra 50 bucks for being "bad" parents? Let the people decide.

Montanans react

Montanans were in favor of charging families extra for the loud kids.

Jason was heavily in favor writing "If your kids dont know how to act right when out in public, KEEP THEM HOME!"

Crystal laughed at the notion commenting "The south cracks me up." I'm not sure if this was in favor of the fee, but it made me laugh, Crystal.

Rhea was concise in backing the idea simply stating "love this."

Painted Color Ceramics and Paint Your Own Potter Studio chimed in from the business side of it saying "Good! We may do this too! [wink face emoji, crying-laughing emoji]."  -- Don't take this comment seriously, clearly some sarcasm in it!

Ok, so what I'm gathering from the responses we received is that people are fed up with animals, errr, kids running around making a ruckus in restaurants. It's understandable. I think my gripe with kids making a ruckus comes on airplanes more so than in a restaurant. If I have some kid kneeing the back of my seat it makes an already near intolerable experience almost impossible.

But still, I am sympathetic to parents who have a hoard of little ones running around. I don't know how they control them. I couldn't control them. Regardless, be nice to those around, tip your waitresses and try the veal, or something like that.

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