Montana Governor Steve Bullock has called a special legislative session for next week, November 14, and while it has already been met with some criticism, House members on both sides of the aisle from western Montana are optimistic. Democrat Kimberly Duidik from House District 94 in Missoula says she is hopeful.

"I'm hopeful it will be [successful] I think that that goes back to if people come there willing to do the job we are all elected to do, or if they want to just come and fight for whatever reason," Dudik said. "I'm hopeful though, this last session showed that we can work together for great legislative work when we work in a bipartisan manner and really put aside the partisan politics and I really hope that that continues."

Republican Nancy Balance from House District 89 in Hamilton believes that the legislature will be able to craft solutions to the state’s budget woes.

"I believe we will get it done, I believe it will not look exactly like what the governor has proposed, but I believe both sides are committed to solving the problem and we will roll up our sleeves. My hope is that it does not take more than that week, could be even less than that.

While members on both sides may be optimistic, Governor Bullock has insisted on tax increases to help fix the budget, while Republican leadership in the House has repeatedly said they will reject those proposals.

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