34 year-old Michael Murray took law enforcement officers from Missoula, the U.S. Forest Service and from Idaho on a high speed chase on Thursday afternoon after what actually began as a littering complaint.

Missoula Police spokesman Travis Welsh said the complaint came in at 3:25 p.m. in downtown Missoula.

“The complaint was about littering,” said Welsh. “Another officer in the area observed the vehicle. The vehicle drove through a traffic light and the officer initiated the stop. The driver was a female with a male passenger in the front seat. The male was recognized by the officer as being wanted in the state of Washington. The female driver got out of the vehicle and was speaking to an officer when the male passenger slid over to the driver’s side and took off.”

Welsh described the chase that covered two states.

“With officers in pursuit, the male drove around the downtown area and eventually headed west on Highway 10, getting to I-90 where he took the Petty Creek exit. He then headed to Highway 12 where he continued west and eventually entered the state of Idaho.”

Welsh said at that point Missoula police discontinued their pursuit, but were in contact with authorities in Idaho.

“The pursuit was picked up by an agent of the U.S. Forest Service, and the male who was identified as 34 year-old Michael Murray is in now custody in the state of Idaho and we are progressing with the investigation.”

Welsh said neither the suspect, any law enforcement officers, or other drivers were injured in the pursuit.

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