HGTV is bringing their latest television series to Montana. The Montana Department of Commerce’s Montana Film Office announced Wednesday that “Living Big Sky” will film twelve 30-minute episodes throughout the state of Montana in the coming year. Chief of Montana’s Film Office Deny Staggs has more:

"It is a show that follows a couple of families every week on their moving to living in Montana," Staggs said. "They're looking for three different homes in an area, comparing that, what's available in the area. So we get to see the families response and reaction to living in Montana, or moving to Montana and the home they're choosing, and the area in which they're going to live in."

Staggs said some footage has already been shot, including the pilot, in numerous Montana towns.

"They did Bozeman and Big Fork," Staggs said. "They followed the Gentri family that had moved from Portsmouth, Virginia into Bozeman. Then, they followed the Ricci family which moved from Seattle, Washington to Bigfork, Montana."

Staggs said "Living Big Sky" will showcase a new family each episode and reveal not just Montana’s towns, but lifestyle, landscapes and family friendly hospitality to an international audience.

"Bringing this caliber of programming to Montana is an important role of the film office," Staggs said. "TV series like 'Living Big Sky' employ our local crew, utilize our production services, and integrate themselves into communities while showcasing Montana’s vibrant small towns and breathtaking landscapes."

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