The Pharaohplex Cinema in Hamilton is the only theater in Montana that will show  "The Interview."

The small, independent theater, will premiere the controversial Seth Rogen comedy Christmas Day. NBC Montana reports the Pharaohplex isn't sure what kind of turnout it will get.

But Christmas Day is usually a box office success for theaters.

The theater's owner, Joe McLean had booked the movie before the brunt of the controversy began.

Sony had pulled the comedy after an international furor over its plot to assassinate  North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Many said Sony caved under political pressure. Even President Obama said Sony made a mistake.

Large theater chains aren't showing the film. But more than 200 independent theaters are, including the Pharaohplex.

McLean said he is glad that Sony gave the go-ahead. His theater spent a a lot of "time and effort" promoting the movie, he said. That's one reason he was glad Sony reconsidered. But he also said "you can't tell people what they can and can't watch."

"If you censor this what's next," McLean asked. "Saturday Night Live, anything that does spoofs or comedies? (They) could potentially be a target."

The theater owner said the incident may have put independents "back on the map."

"Independents have been kind of written off," McLean said. "But the independents are the ones that stepped up and supported Sony. They're the only ones that stepped up."

Movie fan Belenda Mehlschmidt came to the Paraohplex to see if she could get advance tickets for "The Interview." She found out she couldn't. But she plans to be first in line to see it Christmas Day.

"It's freedom of speech," Mehlschmidt said. "Seth Rogen and James Franco are known for off the wall stuff. When I first saw the previews for this I thought this has gotta' be a good movie."

NBC Montana talked to a number of people who were shopping for movie gift certificates at the Pharaohplex.

So it's likely some of those gift cards will be redeemed to see "The Interview."

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