In December of 2013, a group of Montana Grizzly football boosters sent a letter to University of Montana President Royce Engstrom asking him to seek review of NCAA sanctions imposed on the football program. 

Spokesman Brint Wahlberg said on Sunday, May 4, that the group is seeking some movement from President Engstrom.

"About a week ago in Billings, we did see comments from Athletic Director Kent Haslam that President Engstrom is considering some sort of appeal or action on the sanctions," Wahlberg said. "What we're looking for right now is some details. This has been before President Engstrom since late winter, so we'd like to see what he has in mind."

Wahlberg said the one year anniversary of the NCAA sanctions will be in July, and he believes it would be an appropriate time to request a reduction from the organization. He also cited the fact that the majority of the sanctions were self-imposed by the university.

The report read , in part, that "penalties in this case, many of which were self-imposed, include a three-year probation period, scholarship reductions, a vacation of wins in which the ineligible student-athletes participated and reduction in the number of undergraduate student assistant positions. The former head coach, among other consequences, will be suspended from coaching duties at his current university for the first game of the 2013 season and face multiple recruiting restrictions during the upcoming fall season".

"I think it would be great if this summer, or sometime before July, we could get some word, obviously, sooner would be better," Wahlberg said. "I think that UM can show they they have been adhering really well to the self-imposed sanctions they have employed. We're not refuting what happened, but do the penalties fit the crime?"


UM Football Booster Group Spokesman Brint Wahlberg

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