Asking dumb in-game questions may be the second biggest way to irritate Gregg Popovich.

During Tuesday night's Spurs game at the Heat, Popovich endured the usual line of questioning during the game that he famously hates. While David Aldridge wrapped up the brief Q&A, he asked Pops if he'd like to know who won the New Hampshire primaries.

When Aldridge said Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump were the winners, Popovich stared blankly for a moment before shaking his head in what sure looks like disappointment.

Is he upset Sanders won? Is he upset Trump won? Is he upset both won?

We can only hope Popovich decides to run for office one day. His short fuse and disdain for the media would be legendary, but if he got as much done as he has in San Antonio, no one would complain because America would be the world leader in everything.

Well, everything except diplomacy, probably.

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