There have recently been two outspoken moral and religious athletes in the news lately. I would just like to say that it is about time we had some good athlete role models for our youth. Was anyone else sick of the football players making millions of dollars and getting thrown in jail for having their girlfriends killed, dog fighting and drugs? Or baseball players getting their records revoked for juicing? And basketball players cheating on their wives with young women who cry rape? Why is it that if over 90 percent of Americans believe in God (, does it seem like 100 percent of our professional athletes don’t? You may know at least one, if not both of the good role models I’m talking about.


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The first, of course, is professional football player Tim Tebow. He has attracted unprecedented praise, criticism, and attention because of his blatant and unashamed religious demonstrations during games. Many people admit that they have never seen anything quite like Tebow and his religious devotion. It seems that his religious zeal can overshadow his athletic talent.

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The other is 29 year old U.S. Olympic athelete Lolo Jones. She’s a multiracial, devout Christian who is easily one of the biggest track and field stars in America. She’s open about her ongoing struggle to remain a virgin. She doesn’t sugar-coat it. She admits that it’s the hardest thing she has ever done in her life. She claims it’s even harder to stay a virgin than train for the Olympics and graduate from college.