Back in November, three major infrastructure projects were delayed due to a lack of funding. According to Montana Department of Transportation District Administrator Ed Toavs, a $10 million loan apportioned by Governor Bullock will be used to get these projects up and running.

“It was decided on Thursday by the Governor’s Office to put those projects back live,” said Toavs. “It sounded like there was a $10 million loan that has now been made available. There has been an ok to draw down our working balance to cover the remaining 4.5 million of the 14.5 million that we had to match out of the state’s funds for those projects.”

According to Toavs, the Frenchtown Frontage road and the Russell Street projects still face multiple hurdles that need to be completed before they can be put out for bid.

“We still have significant right of way or land acquisition to complete,” Toavs said. “We have made progress on that, but we do not have that done yet. That is something we are working on. We would like the get that wrapped up so we can meet those original letting dates, but they aren’t wrapped up as of now and that is always an unknown time frame.”

Toavs says they may need to push the projects out until they have the right of way acquired. He is hopeful they are able to finish the designs and negotiations that are required in order to send out the projects for bidding as soon as possible.

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