It’s always a pleasure when elected officials are willing to take unscreened calls from KGVO listeners, and Governor Greg Gianforte is one of those leaders.

Gianforte was on Wednesday’s Talk Back show, and began by addressing the problem with the Biden administration’s lurching reopening of the U.S. Canada border.

“Not only has it cut off our Canadian friends, its divided families,” said Governor Gianforte. “I met one gal who owns a business in Eureka, but her husband has a job in Canada, and for 18 months he's only seen his kids through a chain link fence. We did get some good news last week, though. “They've partially opened it up to just people with vaccine passports, which of course we've outlawed here in our state, but we can start to get the flow back. There's just no reason why this northern border isn't open.”

As was Senator Daines, Governor Gianforte is also wary of the coming Biden nationwide vaccination mandate.

“This is federal overreach at its worst,” he said. According to House Bill 702, in the state of Montana, it is illegal to be to discriminate against individuals based on vaccines. In fact, it's illegal to even ask if you're vaccinated. So this mandate, this federal overreach by the Biden administration is not going to be well received here in Montana.”

Gianforte was also asked about infusion therapies for COVID 19 and whey they are not being used in Missoula.

“They've been administering the monoclonal antibodies,” he said. “They're in Sydney and 97% of the people that got this treatment did not end up in the hospital, and these were people that would have likely ended up in the hospital. So, I believe they are available in Missoula County because they're available in 38 counties around the state. But if you have a question about that, I would call your public health office there in Missoula.”

Gianforte’s office sent this memo to KGVO.


Monocolonal Antibody Treatments are available in Missoula at:

Community Medical Center, Providence Health, Costcare

Greg Gianforte’

Gianforte was also asked about the crisis at the southern border. He responded that Montanans are being affected due to the sheer amount of drugs that are making their way here.

“On the border we have a massive humanitarian and national security crisis,” he said. “1.3 million people have crossed into this country illegally so far this year. It's gone up every month that President Biden's been in office. Just in the last year, they've confiscated enough fentanyl to kill every American seven times over. In July alone, they confiscated almost nine tons of methamphetamine, that's just what they captured, and there's a lot more stuff getting through the porous border.”

Governor Gianforte calls in to the Talk Back show once a month.

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