Glacier National Park saw 2.946 million visitors in 2016 and that is the most to ever be recorded. Public Information Officer Lauren Alley says staff are “gazing into their crystal balls” wondering what the summer of 2017 will bring.

“We know that fires do impact folk’s plans to come to the park so we are looking toward that for the summer season,” said Alley. “Gas prices can also impact folks travel plans for the summer, as do other events. We, just like everyone else, are very curious to see how the summer of 2017 unfolds.”

Alley says folks should expect crowding and waits in some places if they plan to visit during the busy times of the day next year.

“We are also once again talking about if we need to place more temporary restrooms at different locations,” Alley said. “We are also thinking of adding a little bit more staff at places like Avalanche or Logan Pass to make sure folks are finding a place to park and that things are running smoothly in some of those very popular places.”

According to Alley, the park had 600,000 more visitors in 2016 compared to 2015.

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